Monday, April 17, 2017

Z cam s1 Lens Profile for Autopano Video Pro

First download the .xml file from here.

In AVP, go to Edit, then settings, then edition. 

Click on this folder. 

Then from there go to Kolor-Presets-cameras- and you'll see all the other lens presets. 

Drop the .xml file into there. 

Now reopen AVP and it should show up as a lens preset, in the area that says "Stitch As" 


  1. Do you have a profile for the S1 Pro?

    1. could you find a profile for the S1 pro? I have s1 Pro footage because I rented it but it came without the Wonderstich software, so now I am trying to do this in Kolor Autopano.

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  4. would love get xml for zcam k1 pro if possible